Amendments to the 1st issue.    

As suggested in the books Introduction, there were some inaccuracies and omissions that have since come to light. No doubt as more people read the book there could well be more.

Here are some corrections so far gathered and if more are brought to light this page will be updated accordingly: -

-  The references to Margaret Cafferky. Her surname is in fact Taylor . Margaret is mentioned on the wall & with Concord Ceilidh Band.

-  A group missed - "Granny Does Washing" - Graham White, Neil & Donna Cafferky.

-  Vaguely Sunny Promotions started in 1998, not 1966!!!

-  Roy Perkins started the Wheatsheaf Sing-a-round not Nigel Blackmore, although Nigel was a leading figure there.

-  It was Mike Butler, not John Lillington who was involved with Keith and Paul in starting Calverts & the group Folk Madrigal. Also with

   the Folk nights at the Fisherman's Cottage.

-  It is Mike not Dave Sadler that composed "Down The Solent ".

-  John Newnam commented that when he first visited the Folk Club at the Sloop and was so impressed by the performance of Keith Hardy that

   that's what got him into folk music.


CD Notes: -

There seems some doubt as to whether the Hymn "Good Old Ways " was collected on the Isle of Wight from the singing of John Cubbon. The Hymn originates from the first Primitive Methodist Hymn Book, 1821, and a version of it was collected from the singing of John Cubbon on the Isle of Man !! The tune of that version does vary from the version recorded on the CD.

Brian is sure that Roy Middlebrook gave him information that it was overheard being sung at Gunville. More research will be required to get to the source of the information that Roy gave Brian, which will be difficult now Roy has gone. The information that it was heard being sung in a Churchyard in Gunville could still be believed and that it was submitted to the Folk song Journal about the time of Journal 30 in 1926 is still viable.

Therefore the notes have been amended to reflect this on further batches of the CD.

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