A review of the folk music, dance and song scene through the latter part of the 20th century on the Isle of Wight . An individual reflection by Island folk enthusiast Brian Reeves.

In an 87 page wire bound A4 book for ease of reading the music and words of the song collection therein.

ISBN: 978-0-9552916-1-6 

The CD accompanies the book recording the songs noted down in the book.  Brian is joined by JC & Kath Grimshaw plus Dollymops, that's Virgil Philpot, Dorana Stone, Trish Campbell & Justin Smith.

It consists of two contemporary songs, in the style of sea shanties, regards travelling on two local ferries. A non-conformist hymn collected at    Gunville and a West Gallery style Carol from Newchurch. Also a collection of traditional songs collected from the singing of Alan Phillips recalling the songs his father Bern Phillips & friends used to sing at home and pubs in and around the Brighstone area.  

Book available at £ 7.95 +(P & P £ 2.75) - CD £ 5 + (P & P £ 1.50) - Book & CD £ 11 + (P & P £ 2.75).

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